2020 EOY Campaign

2020 Season of Giving

This past year has proven that no matter what, Scripps is here for good – and there is no limit to the good we can do when we work together. 

As we look ahead to 2021, it's our mission to remain on the forefront of health care as we heal, enhance and save lives. But we need your support in order to make it all happen.

We hope you'll join us this giving season with a tax-deductible, year-end gift. Explore some of our areas of greatest need where your donation can help make an immediate impact below. Every dollar makes a difference.

Invest In Technology & Innovation

Scripps MD Anderson pathology director and Scripps Clinic pathologist Julie Steele, MD

Advanced technology and clinical research benefit our staff and patients in so many ways - enabling faster diagnoses, more efficient treatments and less-invasive care. Your gift today could go toward:

  • A new virtual intensive care unit (ICU), which will use advanced technology to allow specially trained staff to safely and efficiently care for a larger number of ICU patients at one time. 
  • The first digital pathology system in San Diego, which helps to ensure quicker and more efficient cancer diagnoses for our patients. 
  • Ongoing clinical research initiatives that will spearhead advancements in medicine and connect patients with better treatment and care outcomes.

Invest In Our Community

Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times

Support the future of medicine in San Diego, as well as the critical work we're doing to protect our community amidst the pandemic and beyond. Examples of community care-based initiatives your donation could help support include:

  • Our ongoing pandemic preparation and response efforts, which play a pivotal role in keeping your friends, neighbors and loved ones healthy and safe, and ensure Scripps will continue to care for our community through any future health crises.
  • Our graduate medical education programs, which help our caregivers grow into the medical leaders of tomorrow.

Invest In Our Patients

Create positive and compassionate patient experiences through education, advocacy and emotional support, and help patients and their families navigate their care and find hope in the face of difficult health challenges. This includes initiatives such as:

  • Our Nurse Navigators, who help guide patients and families along their care journey – providing help with complex medical, psychological and social issues.
  • Our system-wide cancer survivorship program, which will offer ongoing physical, mental and emotional support to recovering cancer patients.  
  • Our genetic counseling program, which connects patients with personalized care to help them understand their risk for certain diseases or conditions based on genetic makeup and family history.