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As part of their three-year residency training, Scripps Mercy Hospital internal medicine residents take part in the Cardiovascular Limited Ultrasound Examination (CLUE) program to learn how to use pocket-sized ultrasound devices in addition to traditional stethoscopes. These devices provide physicians and patients a great deal of information that stethoscopes can not provide. The modern device allows them to see the inner workings of the heart—and share it with patients in real time. In only two minutes, our residents can provide a more detailed and efficient examination than with a stethoscope.

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The Benefits of CLUE

Clue Device in use

Increase accuracy

According to a study by the American Journal of Cardiology, first-year students using handheld ultrasounds detected more abnormalities than cardiologists using conventional stethoscopes.

Improve physician-patient engagement

Physicians can share imagery from the scan with patients in real time, describe the details of the results and send to patients electronically.

CLUE Device – 980×700

Decrease Cost

These devices have the potential to eliminate a larger percentage of unnecessary and expensive follow-up scans.

Define the future of medicine

Scripps is one of only 10 organizations that are routinely using this device. More than 10,000 Scripps Mercy patients have been examined using pocket ultrasounds since 2015. This is the latest example of how Scripps’ use of digital technology is revolutionizing the way medicine is practiced at the bedside.

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