Doctors' Day 2021

Doctors' Day 2021: Join Our Celebration

Doctors have always been heroes to those whose lives they change and save. This past year, they became heroes to us all. 

On March 30 we celebrate Doctors’ Day, and we're honoring our physicians by sharing some of the stories of those who have adapted to continue healing, enhancing and saving lives amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

We invite you to read their stories below and learn how our donor community makes a real difference for all Scripps physicians. If you'd like to join us in our Doctors' Day celebration, please make a gift today to support the tremendous work of our doctors now and in the future.

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Jackie Reardon, DO, Emergency Medicine Physician, Scripps Mercy Hospital, Chula Vista

Dr. Jackie Reardon, an emergency medicine physician at Scripps Mercy Hospital, Chula Vista, has been on the frontlines of COVID-19 for the past year. Like so many others, she made tremendous sacrifices to keep her patients, her loved ones and herself safe.

Here's what Dr. Reardon has to say about community support: "Our donors have given us peace of mind and helped keep us safe while caring for patients amidst COVID-19. When we receive a message of thanks or a donation, it truly lifts our spirits and helps us maintain our daily fight on the frontlines. We are incredibly grateful for the support of our patrons and our Scripps family."

Support Our Doctors

Sean S. Daneshmand, MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Scripps Clinic, Director of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Scripps Clinic

The work of Dr. Sean Daneshmand and his team couldn't stop as a result of COVID-19, which meant they had to adapt and find new ways to ensure expecting mothers continued to receive high-quality, compassionate care throughout their pregnancies.

Dr Daneshmand has seen firsthand the impact that donors have on expecting parents and the newest members of their families: “In my field, ultrasound technology is very important. With the support of our donors, we’ve been able to purchase the most up-to-date machines to perform studies such as fetal echocardiography, which help us monitor the health of an unborn baby’s heart. Philanthropic giving also helps us overcome health disparities across our communities so that everyone has access to the multidisciplinary care they need.

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Matthew Price, MD, Interventional Cardiologist, Scripps Clinic, Director of the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory, Scripps Green Hospital

Dr. Matthew Price has continued to deliver life-changing and lifesaving cardiac care amidst COVID-19. He's also witnessed the difference Scripps donors can make. Philanthropy helps him and his colleagues implement cutting edge technologies that improve patient outcomes, and makes Scripps a heart care leader in San Diego and across the country.

Here's what Dr. Price has to say this Doctors' Day: "It's such a special thing to hear from patients about how I made a difference in their life. Our donors are the lifeblood of Scripps. During these times - when our needs are greater than ever - know that your gift makes a difference."

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Randolph L. Schaffer, III, MD, FACS, Transplant, Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery, Scripps Clinic, Chief of Staff, Scripps Green Hospital, Chair, Department of Surgery, Scripps Green Hospital

Dr. Randolph Schaffer is the chief of staff at Scripps Green Hospital, where we launched the region’s first centralized organ recovery center. He and his team have continued to perform critical organ transplants for patients in need despite the numerous challenges brought on by COVID-19, and countless lives were saved because of their work.

Here's what Dr. Schaffer has to say about support from our donor community: "Philanthropy has been critical for the Scripps Center for Organ Transplantation. Our donors help advance research, education and patient support services - and ensure patients maintain access to care by supporting medication costs and transportation for appointments."

Make Your Doctors' Day Gift