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Glioblastoma is the most aggressive type of tumor that forms in the brain and one of the most lethal brain cancers. The current standard of care (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy) can prolong life, but does not eradicate the cancer. It can also greatly reduce quality of life, which too often results in patients opting out of treatment. 

Finding the Clues to the Cure

Scripps Clinic neurosurgeon Faith Barnett, MD, PhD, and cell biologist Mauricio Rosenfeld are leading the way in innovative research to identify a new treatment approach for glioblastoma. Their ultimate goal is to cure glioblastoma. But they also believe their approach can be used to combat other solid tumor cancers. “Patients who are affected by glioblastoma are the driving force behind our research,” says Dr. Barnett. “Glioblastoma is truly a human tragedy and it is our mission to find a cure for this horrible disease. We are immensely grateful to those who support this critical work.”

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Looking at Brain Cancer in a New Light

Glioblastoma Multiforme is a malignant brain tumor. Like other malignant tumors, it contains a large number of normal, nonmalignant cells, called macrophages. Normally, these cells act as part of the immune system to seek and destroy harmful viruses and bacteria as well as rogue malignant cells. However, as a tumor starts to form, it can trick these normal cells into helping the tumor grow. Dr. Barnett’s research is studying how to either kill these macrophages or switch them back to their normal seek-and-destroy mode. Philanthropic support is crucial in providing the resources and momentum needed to advance this vital research. 

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